Our Mission

Bad Training and Coaching prevent great organisations from succeeding. We will transform learning in terms of how it is designed and delivered and in doing so ensure it is transformative and delivers application.


The Beacon HRM Group was born out of the merger of two consultancies, one formed in the United States and the other here in Europe / Ireland. What was clear to both organizations was that the merger would deliver a powerful “single entity capable of supporting our clients to achieve the ultimate goal of development – Application.” Three divisions were born with this singular goal in mind.

Each division works in concert with the others to support our clients to achieve their goals through accredited and non-accredited Training, Executive and Team Coaching, and E-Learning. What is unique is for each project, for each organization, a tailored application framework is created that moves the mindset from content delivery / retention to content application. This shift is critical as it will see the learning goals you have defined achieved, applied, and measured. This in turn will enable you to demonstrate the success of your development initiative to others in concrete return on investment terms.